Late in 2009 I had the opportunity to begin marketing some of my patterns commercially, thanks to the wonderful support of the great people at Black Cat Creations. There are over forty of my patterns currently available through Black Cat, with more on the horizon. They are all listed alphabetically below (or will be within the next few days).

Click on the links below each description to go to Black Cat Creation’s page for that pattern. Almost all of the patterns are available in both printed and downloadable PDF versions. The content of the downloads is identical to the printed versions.

Or click on this link if you just want to browse through all of my quilts at Black Cat’s site.

Abigail’s Window

Abigail's Window cover

Description: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend — but they don’t keep you warm like the diamonds in this stained glass quilt. All piecing, no applique. A Table Runner size is included.

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Baby Bang and Baby Bang’s Buddy

Baby Bang and Baby Bang's Buddy cover

Description: Simple rectangles and squares are used to make two charming quilts for baby that are fresh and new, but recall days gone by. Sizes 40.5″ x 54″ and 41.5″ x 46.5″

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Big Bang

Big Bang cover

Description: Big Bang’s complex appearance masks it’s deceptively simple construction of squares and rectangles. Whether it’s done in bold contemporary fabrics, sophisticated black and white, nostalgic 1930’s or romantic florals, Big Bang is sure to have a big impact. Five sizes (lap, twin, double, king and queen)

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The Big Block Quilt

The Big Block quilt cover

Description: This quilt is all about the fabric. Easy, quick and stunning. Fat quarter friendly.

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The Bigger Big Block

Bigger Big Block cover

Description: A quick camp or retreat quilt. Choose a theme, such as summer at the beach, camping, tropical birds and flowers, sewing and quilting, favorite foods, cats or dogs, coffee or teatime, superheroes, bugs and butterflies, or dragons. Or go with a color theme such as blue and white! Get a mix of large and medium scale prints of both dark and light fabrics — oh, and don’t forget a zinger fabric for the sashing! Three sizes (twin, double, and queen/king)

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Blooming Wonderful

Blooming Wonderful cover

Description: As easy as 1-2-3: 1 Blooming Template, 2 Background Blocks, 3 Block styles and you get FIVE Blooming Wonderful Quilts! What could be easier? Optional Notions:  Blooming Template (available from Black Cat Creations).

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Calypso cover

Description: Lush and tropical, this quilt appears complex but it is really easy to make — and very few seams to match between blocks! Have fun with this simple block and your favorite color variations! Five sizes (lap, throw, twin, double, and queen)

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Cascades cover

Description: Cascades of bright accents spill down this luscious quilt. The really great part? You can set aside your piecing worries and get creative with fabric. A simple four patch and nine patch make up this appealing quilt. 71″ x 86″

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Corner-Copia cover

Description: 45″ X 57″ (Approx) – One pattern, so many options. Start with the basic quilt, change the center or the corners and get new variations! Change the pinwheel blocks to your favorite 8” block and you have another beautiful quilt. Quilts shown are pre-cut friendly.

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Dear Eliza

Dear Eliza cover

Description: Love Large-print fabrics? Here is a great setting for them. Create a quilt that is fun and bright or one that is warm and cozy like one of Grandma’s hugs!

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Di-Vine cover

Description: Whether subtle and soothing or bright and fun, these easy to applique vines and leaves bring a bit of nature into your home.

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Early Frost

Early Frost cover

Description: When the air gets nippy you’ll know it’s time to sew Early Frost so you’ll be warm and cozy when winter sets in.

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Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy cover

Description: Two simple blocks come together to form a complex-looking interwoven design. Add a fun border and you have a stunning quilt that was easy to make.

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Fire Fall

Fire Fall cover

Description: Celebrate any season with bright swirling leaves. Large simple shapes and machine applique make this a quick to make quilt. Pull your favorite fabrics from your stash or highlight the latest collection you love!

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Flutters ‘n’ Blooms

Flutters 'n' Blooms cover

Description: Easy appliqued blossoms and simple pieced butterflies create a garden delight no matter if your fabrics are soft and warm or they are vibrant with color.

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Fort Bridger Star

Fort Bridger Star cover

Description: In the 1800’s, Fort Bridger, Wyoming, was a vital trading post where wagon trains could replenish their stores and their spirits. This star represents the perseverance of those pioneers who traveled under the wide open spaces using stars as their guides.

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Glass Forest

Description: Quick and easy strip piecing creates your own glass forest!

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Going Dutch

Going Dutch cover

Description: Quick and easy applique adds a charming touch to a quilt that becomes a stunner with your fabric choices. Turn it into an ode to spring, a salute to summer’s vibrant colors, or a cozy Christmas cuddle — and what a wonderful gift it would be for the holidays!

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Happy to be Home

Happy to be Home cover

Description: Have fun with this row quilt that depicts a country home, suburbia, urban homes, custom homes, and condos and townhomes.   Easy paper pieced trees complete the picture.

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Hill and Dale

Hill and Dale cover

Description: Choose a stunning center panel, and surround it with vibrant appliqué leaves created with Black Cat’s Blooming Template, and you have a framed masterpiece. 50″ x 69″

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It’s Love (includes a second pattern, Loves Me, Loves Me Not)

It's Love and Love's Me, Love's Me Not cover

Description: No curved piecing, just simple applique cut using templates. The leftover pieces can be used to make the second pattern included “Loves Me, Loves Me Not!” It’s easy, it’s charming, it’s love!  Optional Notions:  Blooming Template (available from Black Cat Creations)

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Jacob’s Chain

Jacob's Chain cover

Description: Variations of two simple blocks make this striking dynamic quilt. Choose your favorite colors, colors, stretch them on the color wheel, and sit back and accept the compliments. People will wonder how you did it and you can just smile your best Mona Lisa smile!

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Jelly Shots

Jelly Shots

Description: Make jelly shots with your favorite 2-1/2” precut strips or create your own from your stash! Choose a neutral or a black background to make the colors pop. Eight different variations included. Some of the fun you can have:

  • Unique gift solution—fun baby or celebration quilt
  • Retreat block exchange—everyone goes home with a different quilt top
  • Charity quilts—your guild members could contribute blocks!

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Love it or Leaf it! (available for download only)

Love it or Leaf it! cover

Description: A great pattern for featuring large prints. Big rectangles show off large prints and, if you choose, you may add appliqué accents. You can love it as is or leaf it for more pizzazz

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Midnight Garden (available for download only)

Midnight Garden cover

Description: Choose a beautiful panel or a gorgeous piece of fabric to start. Add some simple piecing and you’ve got a great one-of-a-kind quilt. Tips are included to ensure all sections fit perfectly.

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My Galveston Home

My Galveston Home cover

Description: You can almost hear the clip-clop of the horse drawn carriages as they pass your home on the historic island of Galveston.

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My Hearts on a String

My Hearts on a String cover

Description: Simple applique, string piecing (get those jelly rolls out), what could be easier! This is a quick quilt for a loved one or a table topper to celebrate a holiday. Want to show off a beautiful large print? Simply substitute the print for the string-pieced panels and you are done!

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My Side Quilts 1

My Side Quilts cover

Description: Two quilts (Red Hot Mama and Cold Feet). I tend to get cold easily. Michael is always hot. I want a little extra cover, even in the summer, but he doesn’t want to be under a full quilt unless it’s really cold. If I try to use a regular quilt on just my half of the bed it ends up sliding onto the floor! My solution was to make a narrow quilt that’s just wide enough for my side of the bed. It’s also a perfect size to go across the foot of the bed to keep everyone’s feet toasty warm, even on the coldest nights!

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Now & Then

Now & Then cover

Description: Strip quilts are wonderful because they let you show off those amazing large print fabrics that are available now. Choose reproduction fabrics and you’ve recreated history. Choose something bold and bright and you have a quilt as modern as today’s date. All from the same simple pattern.

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Patches of Sunlight (available for download only)

Patches of Sunlight cover

Description: The idea for this quilt is for the bright, warm sunny center to blend gradually into the cool shadows of the center, like walking from a patch of sunlight into the cool shade of the woods. Some bits of light will pop up in the dark areas to imitate dappled sunlight.

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Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams cover

Description: This looks like the plumbing Dr. Suess would have in his home!  While it looks complex, this quilt is made from just two alternating blocks, and is really simple to construct.

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Primrose Path (available for download only)

Primrose Path cover

Description: The fabric makes this quilt. Choose yellows and oranges for a happy sunlit garden, blues and purples for a cool evening garden, or perhaps roses for a romantic look. You could even “grow” a vegetable garden! Piece you garden path or use a striped fabric (eliminating most of the piecing). Two sizes (lap quilt, 55″ x 72″ and twin quilt, 72″ x 89″).

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RecTangled cover

Description: Three fabrics, just one block, and the result is fabulous! Four sizes (throw, twin, double, and queen)

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Regency Stars

Regency Stars cover

Description: These stars appear like flowers, caught and suspended in a trellis. Wonderfully rich in 1800’s reproduction fabrics, the quilt would be stunning in batiks or other modern fabrics. A great way to use a large-scale print of any era.

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Sassy! cover

Description: Two simple blocks set on point with sashing and cornerstones create a strippy quilt with attitude! Includes two methods to construct the 9-patch block. Make it scrappy or make it snappy!

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Shimmer cover

Description: Have a wonderful, large-print fabric you just can’t bear to cut? This is the pattern for you! Simply pieced panels frame the featured fabric and give the effect of a ray of light falling diagonally across your quilt.

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Skylight cover

Description: Clean lines and simple construction will please the modernist. Different fabrics will turn it into a baby shower gift or child’s snuggly quilt, a guy quilt or even a floral confection!

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Snapshot cover

Description: Here is the perfect frame for that great fabric, your own applique, or a pre-printed panel!  It’s off-center and dramatic, giving you art in a snap!

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Split Decision (available for download only)

Split Decision cover

Description: Bold and graphic, this design takes on the character of the fabric you choose. Use brights and it’s very contemporary, use floral and it’s soft and romantic. With animal skin fabrics you have a great “guy” quilt! As a bonus, we have included a sweet little baby quilt that turns the design into a lovely blooming rose. Safari (71” x 85”)   Baby Rose (44” x 52”)

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Starflight cover

Description: Stars fly across this quilt, leaving batik trails of beauty in their wake. String piecing makes it fun, mismatched seams make it stress free! Jelly roll friendly! Two sizes (twin and throw).

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Streakers (two variations)

Streakers in the Garden (an earlier cover of the quilt at Black Cat)

Streakers (in the Garden) cover

Streaking in Beijing (the current cover for the pattern at Black Cat. The exact same pattern. The variety depends entirely on the fabric you choose)

Streakers (Streaking in Beijing) cover

Description: Start with two yards of fabric that makes you go “M-m-m-m.” Slice it into strips, then sew it back together with bold accents. What do you get? A quilt that makes you go “Wow!”

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Swizzle Sticks

Swizzle Sticks cover

Description: Stir up a fresh modern quilt with clean lines and quirky shapes! Sew it up with an easy paper piecing method with no tearing out when you’re done! And because the design is offset, there are no seams to match except between blocks and rows. Experiment with your own color placement and the design takes on new directions! I’m up to twelve variations!

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Triplets cover

Description: Two darling quilts for the little darling in your life — and one for her dolly darling too! Three different designs (two are 47” x 60” and the smaller one is 25 1/2” x 25 1/2”)

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Twisting Ribbons

Twisting Ribbons cover

Description: Three simple blocks to make a quilt full of flowing ribbons! Four different sizes (54″ x 72″; 62″ x 89″; 80″ x 89″; 89″ x 98″).

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Walk This Way

Walk This Way cover

Description: You decide whether to use fresh, modern prints or scrappy heritage pieces. Either way you will love how the double diagonal pops out! Such simple construction yet great visual impact! Four sizes (throw, twin, double, and queen).

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Whirlpool cover

Description: Who knew one block could turn into a swirling vortex of energy? Even the border can’t contain it!

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That’s it for now. There will be more. I promise.