1985 to 1993

Minay Sirois Quilter - main header image
Minay’s Quilts, The Early Stuff

These were the very first quilts I did. Some were based on existing patterns, but I also started creating my own designs before too long. I experimented with a stencil technique called theorem painting, and several of the examples in this gallery reflect that. Many of the pictures of the early quilts were scanned from very small pre-digital photographs, so forgive the poor quality of a few of the pictures in the first gallery. Sorry.

Most (but not all) of the shots in these galleries (there are several more after this one) show a full view of a quilt followed by a detailed view. What’s a quilt without a good look at the stitching, right?  All of these quilts at this point were machine pieced (except for any applique, of course), and were hand quilted. I didn’t start machine quilting until a decade or more into the 21st Century.

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