About The Header Image Above

The image at the top of the page is made up of a series of slices from five of my quilts. Top to bottom, they are from Wow I Think I Had Too Much Caffeine (1998), Coral Trees (2007), Tatsu (2010), Big Bang (2008), and Midnight Garden (2010). You can see all of them (except Tatsu, which is still a top)* on the Gallery page for that year (see the Post Index for the posts for those years).

* I haven’t quilted Tatsu yet because I use it in one of my presentations to show how it was assembled. Maybe someday I’ll break down and quilt it. :-)

About Me

I’ve had a lifelong interest in history and fabric, and after nearly twenty years working and studying as an actress, I decided to begin a more practical career — quiltmaking. It was a true passion for me, and I dove in headfirst. I’ve been happily immersed in it ever since.

Actually, I started down the quilting road in high school, when I began working on a twin-sized cathedral window coverlet. It only took me ten years to finish it. In the 1980’s, I took quilting up seriously and quilted a few small pieces, finally getting my first “professional” commission when I was asked to design and make an original stencil-painted quilt for a friend — a king-sized quilt.

After that, I designed and created original pieces on commission for some shops in Texas and Massachusetts, and began working at Great Expectations Quilt Shop in Houston. Eventually, I started teaching a few classes, and found that I loved it. Now I spend most of my time quilting and creating quilt patterns for Black Cat Creations. See the Patterns Section for more details.

I have also been presenting quilting programs and workshops at quilting guilds and bees throughout the Greater Houston and Southeast Texas area for a number of years. To find out more about them, see the Programs Section.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my website. Please contact me with any questions, concerns, requests, etc.