Hi. My name is Minay Sirois. I’m a quilter, and I work in a variety of quilting styles, ranging from traditional pieced quilting to original stenciled designs.  I hope you enjoy these pages.  Inside you’ll find pictures of my quilts, some descriptions of presentations and workshops  I have given, and a few other things.  Here’s a description of each of the website’s sections.

Just a little about my background, how I got started quilting, and what I’m doing now.

Post Index
Where you’ll find a chronological list of all the posts on my blog, and the links to pictures of my quilts. Lots of pictures.

Programs, Etc.
Some information about the occasional talks and workshops I give to area quilt guilds.

A peek at the quilt patterns I market through Black Cat Creations. There are a bunch of them, with a few new ones always appearing on the horizon.

How to reach me.