1994 to 1999

Minay Sirois Quilter - main header image
Minay’s Quilts, The Second Stage

I continued experimenting, trying to create some things that were unique, but still sticking to the feel I had for the traditional. I started experimenting with three-dimensional quilts about this time too. Most of the quilts in this section are original designs, but a few (like Cowboy Dan) were taken from patterns. Many of the quilts in this section were the result of scrap trades at a quilt guild I belonged to then. I still have many unquilted tops left from the block trades that I will hopefully finish someday. When pigs fly, maybe!

The pictures here were all taken with better cameras. They were still saved in low resolutions (72 dpi) to load faster on the web, so they probably aren’t suitable for printing, but fine for computer monitors and phone screens.

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